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tv   Newsline  NHK  July 11, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm JST

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israeli forces are pressing ahead with their bomb barrardme the gaza strip. authorities in germany tell a cia station chief to leave the country after finding two suspected double agents working for the u.s. and entrepreneurs in china are cashing in on their relaxation of the one child policy. it means a lot more business
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opportunities for high-end child care. israeli forces are not letting up in their air strikes on the gaza strip. they're firing missile after missile in an e fenoffensive ag hamas. palestinian officials say 79 people have been quikilled. 570 wounded. israeli commanders launched their offensive and hit 100 targets on thursday alone. they attacked more than 800 locations in all. they've destroyed weapons, depots and the homes off mass leaders. israeli commanders say since tuesday, militants in gaza have fired more than 350 rockets towards southern israel. they have activated 23,000 reserve soldiers and they have may consider launching a ground offensive. the latest violence was sparked by the murders last month of three israeli teenagers. israeli authorities blame members of hamas.
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i continue to condemn the rising number of civilian lives lost in gaza. once again, palestinian civilians are caught between hamas' irresponsibility, and israel's tough response. >> pan said he would continue his efforts to bridge gaps and revive negotiations. but both the palestinian and israeli ambassadors are pointing fingers at the other side. enough of their oppression, enough of this violence and conflict.
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security council members are discussing a statement, encouraging both sides to agree to a truce. >> international negotiators are struggling to reach a final accord on iran's nuclear program by july 20th deadline. now the foreign minister from the six world powers engaged in the talks have been invited to vienna in a bid to breathe new life into the negotiations. european union foreign policy chief, katrina lynn ashton and iranian foreign minister have been leading the attempt to find common ground. ashton spokesperson said ministers have been invited to participate. a u.s. state department spokesperson said secretary of state john kerry will travel to vienna this weekend. and french government sources said foreign minister will arrive on sunday. negotiators remain sharply at odds over the scale of iran's program and the number of
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centrifuges it should be allowed to use and divided over how to lift economic sanctions. officials with international atomic energy agency warn insurgents in iraq have seized nuclear materials. they say the substance do's not pose a significant threat. iraqi government officials informed the ieaa, that insurgents took the material from a university in the city of mosul. roll reuters says compound were kept at the university for research. the iraqi government is asking for the u.n. to stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in iraq or abroad. ieaa officials say the materials are low grade. but they save any loss of regulatory control over nuclear and other raidy active materials its a cause for concern. over the last month. sunni militants have taken control of cities in an offensive across northern and western iraq.
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authorities refused to identify the spy. the person obtained secret government information. germans were already angry with the americans. last year, they learned u.s. agents had eves dropped on the mobile phone of chancellor angela merkel. >> looking at it with common sense in review. >> last week authorities
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arrested a german intelligence worker from passing documents to u.s. agents. and earlier this week authorities say they discovered a suspected u.s. spy in the defense ministry. british lawmaker are worried extremists could carry out more attacks. so they've submitted legislation that would give greater access to communications data. the legislation would force telecommunications companies to retain customer data for a year. and it would allow authorities to intercept some communications. the government will fast track the changes and the legislation is expected to become law as early as next week. the european union's top court addressed the matter in april. judges ruled, keeping communications records for six months or longer infringes on privacy and human rights. but some lawmakers are concerned about britains traveling to iraq and syria to join militant groups and prime minister david cameron said it's vital that some powers are not compromised. >> a failure to act now would fundamentally undermine our capability to counter threats to the safety of our citizens.
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and i will not stand by and let that happen. >> police arrested two british men in january after they returned from the war in syria. last week, the suspects admitted they had been plotting an attack on british soil. tokyo government officials are looking to the u.s. and seeing a way to raise some money, calling on american executives to invest in their city to the lead-up to the 2020 olympics. officials hosted a seminar in new york for dozens of investors and business people. they said more and more opportunities are popping up am their city in the lead-up to the games. they said many international companies had head offices in tokyo and they said that's a safe place to do business. many people seem to have got the message. >> we would love to, you know, open an office there that would serve the larger asia population, as our business grows. >> a lot of foreigners are a lot
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more comfortable look at tokyo, the english-speaking structure being put in place, it would make people consider tokyo a lot more carefully than they have in the past. >> some people were less than enthusiastic, saying it's difficult to access the market in japan and corporate taxes are too high. most vulnerable members of society, drawing up guidelines to break the seekle of childhood poverty. they plan to offer more scholarships for high school and interest-free loans for college. they also want to hire experts to help single parents find work. they hope to get the draft guidelines approved at a cabinet meeting later this month. the presses of the world
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bank has spoken over and over about the role the private sector can play in helping those in need. jim jong kim is leading a campaign. to talk about poverty, growth and the risks he sees ahead. >> so we meet again? >> yes. >> thank you for meeting with me. >> we're on a much sounder footing. there are risks of the u.s. fed is more abrupt than we hope, there could be some real bumps, especially for emerging market
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economies. we're still hoping that the growth of the high income countries will really take off. while growth is not going to be as high as any of us wish, we really think that so many of the really severe downside risks have been minimized. >> what about the situation in argentina? how worrying is the situation? will argentina be able to meet the deadline for paying interest on its government bonds? >> argentina is a member of the world bank group. we continue to watch that situation very carefully. the argentinian authorities have told us they want to move back to a more normalized relationship and begin borrowing again from us. the impact in the region could be substantial. and again, we're very much hoping that some kind of agreement can be reached. >> last month, shinzo abe's
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government approved the strategy for economic growth. the focus within abenomics, encouraging women to work, is necessary to revitalize the japanese economy. >> i think it is exactly what needs to be done. if there is a huge unused resource in japan, it is the women in the work force. so it will require a pretty fundamental shift in culture. but i would say, both as president of the world bank and an anthropologist, we've seen shifts happening in other places that happened fairly quickly where women became involved in the work force, much more quickly than anyone had expected. >> kim joined the symposium to discuss how innovation by entrepreneurs can help reduce poverty around the world. >> innovation is critical for us at the world bank group. our goal is to end extreme poverty.
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meaning bring it down to as low a level as possible, which we think is about 3%. >> you set the goal to be 2030. that's 16 years away. isn't that a bit ambitious? >> it is one of the most ambitious targets that the world bank has ever adopted. think about it. this would be the first time in human history that we can actually talk about an end to extreme poverty. we know now that more than 90% of the jobs in developing countries are created in the private sector. so building a robust and healthy private sector is a huge part of our plan to end poverty. >> recent japan has pledged to offer $5 billion in loans, more than any other country. but kim said what is more important is the innovation of young japanese people to achieve the goal of freeing the world of extreme poverty. the chinese government has eased its 30-year-old one-child
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policy because of its aging society. more than a quarter million couples have applied to have another baby. not only affecting the population, it's also paving the way for new business ventures. daisuke ijima reports. >> health checks, bathed and anything else the newborns may need. >> the mothers may relax here for now. it is not cheap. it costs about $5,000. the demand for this kind of center is growing. >> translator: this place provides healthy food and other
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support so i can recover my strength. it's very comfortable for new mothers like me. >> reporter: due to the easing of the one-child policy this year, china's population rate is expected to rise to 18 million. this increase of new babies means more opportunities for business. there is an even higher level of care. inside, business has been converted into a high-end care facility. the nurses offer one-on-one attention. the meals feature organic vegetables. the chair helps fully conscious mothers get back in shape. it costs more than $10,000. >> there's been a sharp increase in business opportunities since the easing of the one-child policy.
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>> children swimming school. it's been attracting -- as many people believe -- >> translator: i was worried since my daughter can't swim. i'm happy to see her just having fun. >> reporter: a swim school operator, she hopes to win the trust of those who want to give their children a head start. >> translator: children will be safe even if they drink the water by mistake. >> reporter: the training is also a priority. >> translator: it reduces the risk of drowning if the babies are put on their back like this. >> reporter: also added golf and yoga classes. ma hopes she can maintain steady enrollments if parents continue to send their children to her as they grow up. >> translator: competition is tough and the only way we'll survive is if we offer better childhood education.
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>> reporter: chinese parents are famous for doing whatever they can to give their children the best possible education. a growing number of businesses are responding to such ambition. >> now daisuke is in our beijing studio. they are anticipating more newborn babies. how much is the market worth? >> $200 billion last year, according to a think tank. >> translator: it reduces the risk of drowning if the babies are put on their back like this. >> reporter: also added golf and yoga classes. ma hopes she can maintain steady enrollments if parents continue to send their children to her as they grow up. >> translator: competition is tough and the only way we'll survive is if we offer better childhood education.
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>> reporter: chinese parents are famous for doing whatever they can to give their children the best possible education. a growing number of businesses are responding to such ambition. >> now daisuke is in our beijing studio. they are anticipating more newborn babies. how much is the market worth? >> $200 billion last year, according to a think tank. the market will grow by 25% a year. the education sector is expected to do particularly well. china is an increasingly competitive society. >> so, there are high hopes for growth in this market. are people really rushing to have an extra child now? >> not necessarily. the chinese government just
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announced that the country the government diplomacy was need. there's not enough infrastructure to cope with the rising birth rate. on top of this, expert say the cost of having a second child will make money couples think twice. one exert i talked to says it's because so many years of a strict one-child policy. there just isn't the support yet. >> translator: some parents were struggle financially if they have a second child. a system has to be put in place so the government can help them pay school fees and other educational costs. >> so, if china really wants to boost its number of children, we have to do a bit more than just relax the rules.
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>> thank you very much, daisuke. that was nhk world's daisuke azasuma in beijing. while the world touch in brazil is drawing most people's attention. soccer fans held their own tournament. they gathered for an off the wall competition. we sent our correspondent to take a look. this new sport has something in common with a beautiful game. >> the people here are playing the world's oldest game of soccer. except their version is a lot bouncier. the object of the game is the same, to score goals. but the players in this match bounce into each other a lot. and they roll just about as much
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as the ball does. people were living in norway first got a taste of the sport when it was created for a tv variety program. from there it spread to 27 countries and next year germany will host the first bubble cup. it was introduced in japan four months ago. more than 2,000 people have already tried the sport. japanese youngsters suited up this smaller, but just as bouncy bubbles and quickly learned the first rule. if you fall down, it's hard, very hard, to get back up. players couldn't help but bumping into each other all the time, even knocking their
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teammates to the ground. >> translator: it was fun to tumble. >> i couldn't resist giving it a try. so wearing a small camera, i tried it out. it was a lot more difficult to play than i expected. being knocked down so many times, i quickly tired out. but i found the sport can be a bouncy good time for people at any age. popularity of the sport seems unlikely to burst like a bubble any time soon. thrill seekers in the united states have met their match. lining up at a resort in kansas
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city to ride the world's tallest and maybe scariest water slide on the planet. it's equivalent to a 17-story building or taller than the statue of liberty. visitors need to climb up 264 steps to reach the starting point. they've had to wait more than a year to take the plunge. crews couldn't meet the deadlines because of this reason. the slide failed several safety tests. they've been forced to slow down the speed and put up a net to prevent riders from falling off.
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dare devils are willing to take the risk. long lines have formed and they've been forced to limit each person to one ride down the slide. we are seeing clear, blue skies here in tokyo. let's find out where the storm is right now. here is mai shoji with the latest. >> neoguri, moving along towards northern japan, now around hokkaido, bringing about 120 millimeters of additional rainfall that could be possible and also less of that strong gusts affecting the islands in the north. but in the weakening of that system we're likely to see lots of heat, covering much of japan as well as the peninsula. heat warnings are already in place in parts of the korean peninsula and tokyo is reaching the hottest day of the year so far. saturday looks like it will be continuing and even into sunday, 33 degrees. try to reduce your outdoor activities during the daytime
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over the weekend. down toward the south, heat is also affecting the sea surface temperature over towards the marion islands. a tropical depression formed here, heading towards guam, which is a very nice summer vacation destination. throughout your weekend we're likely to see some stormy weather. not really a good idea to be out in the beach. it will be continuing throughout your weekend.
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now more rain to be pound to southeastern areas of china. about 150 millimeters of additional rainfall. it could lead to flooding and mudslides across the china indo peninsula. to the americas we go. this is another area where we're looking at flooding. very high risk. mississippi river is already on the major flooding level and this next incoming system will provide more torrents of rainfall, leading to further flooding conditions. great lakes region, more thunderstorms to be pounding here in the gulf states due to the active cold front still lingering here. more rain here in the southwest, stretching from mexico into the four corners. we have flash flood warnings and watches in patches. no precipitation in sight here in the pacific northwest and northern california. 36 degrees, this is where we want that relief with precipitation, portland reaching 33 degrees, well above the average range. the west is dominated with this extreme heat. now to brazil we go. we have two matches left. on saturday, this is the forecast here in brazil. this will be the third place match. quite nice here in rio de janeiro, only 13 degrees for the low. here across europe now, central locations are still seeing severe thunderstorms, hail and
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waterspouts supported in italy, a continued story for the next few days, dominating central and eastern locations. british isles will start to see -- excuse me, paris will start to see showers coming in. pamplona, we will be seeing showers. hopefully, it won't be affecting this annual festival from spain. global tourist traction. running of the bulls thursday under calm weather. some 1,000 thrill seekers tested their bravery by racing through the streets with several fighting bulls. on that note i leave you your extended forecast.
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>> and that's all for this
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edition of "newsline." i'm yuko aotani. thank you very much nor joining us.
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